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Geospatial Technical Solutions LLC (GTS) is a company that is science based, technology enabled, and decision focused.  It was established in 2019 by Dr. Tom Mueller, a GIS Expert, Scientist, & Agronomist.  Tom was on the faculty at the University of Kentucky for 14 years until he left to work for John Deere in 2013.  Throughout his career, Tom became more and more concerned that much of the publicly available geospatial data has been greatly underutilized for decision making in areas including agricultural, land use, commercial development, and market analysis.  The main barriers have been that GIS mapping software and staff are expensive and the finding, manipulating, processing, transforming, and analyzing this data is very time consuming.  GTS has made it our mission to automate these GIS workflows and display results on the web in 2D and 3D so that geospatial data is easily accessible to everyone who needs it.

Who do we serve?

We are making these visualizations, datasets, and analyses available through our website and APIs to students, researchers, real estate developers, businesses, land-use planners, government employees, emergency response professionals, home owners and buyers, and to the general public.

What do we do?

Our team built the GIS Hero App to automate repetitive workflows and solve complicated geospatial problems that would otherwise take hours or days if done manually.

In 5 minutes, you can can discover and order stunning analytics-ready & visualization-ready data layers. GIS Hero App does the heavy lifting and wrangling of large volumes of data from various sources to save you time & money. In the background:


We fetch the individual imagery and elevation tiles from the US Government Archives. We plan to add more datasets over time (e.g., soils, FEMA flood planes).


We clip your dataset to the boundary of your specified area of interest.


We stitch the individual imagery and elevation tiles into one tile.


We deliver calculate elevation (10-m NED) and imagery (1-m NAIP) derivatives (NDVI, GNDVI, False-IR, 3-band, elevation, hillshade, slope, aspect, curvature). On our road map we are planning also to provide you access to LiDAR elevation rasters as well as many other valuable datasets in GIS mapping.


We currently project your data to common coordinate system.


We zip your analytics-ready datasets so you can easily load them in different GIS mapping or geospatial analysis packages (Google Earth Pro, ArcGIS, Qgis, Surfer, etc).

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What is our mission

Our mission is to make using geospatial data much more cost effective for individuals, communities, local and national governments so that it will help people make better decisions.

What are our core values?


  • We value honesty and treating employees, contractors, customers the same way we wish to be treated ourselves (i.e., with dignity, respect, fairness, and kindness).


  • We believe good stewardship by creating technology that will enable our customers and clients conserve resources for future generations.  


  • We are constantly innovating to find ways to better serve our customers and society.  

Human Rights

  • We believe that in the fundamental rights and dignity of all people regardless of the  color of a person’s skin, their religion, country of origin, intelligence, gender, and sexuality.

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