The GIS Hero App is a GIS tool that makes it easy for you to download aerial imagery (i.e., NAIP, 1-m) and raster elevation data (i.e., NED, 1/9th arc seconds; roughly about 9-m pixels) and associated terrain derivatives quickly, easily, and inexpensively. In the background:
  • We fetch the individual imagery and elevation tiles from US Government Archives.
  • We clip the data to your data to your specified area of interest.
  • We calculate terrain and/or imagery derivatives.
  • We project your data to WGS84 Web Mercator, Auxiliary Sphere.

Currently, GIS Hero can only download data from the continental United States but we are working to add global datasets.

All the data are in TIF File and are compatible with ArcGIS, Qgis, Surfer, and other geospatial analysis packages.

And, one output (Hillshade #6) is in KMZ File that’s compatible with Google Earth Pro.

All files are in TIF File, except for Hillshade #6 (in TIF File and in KMZ File).  Click here to obtain a sample of datasets that’s included with your purchase.

  • NAIP Imagery 2016-11-13 (1 meter)
    • Four band imagery
    • Processed 3 band color
    • Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices (NDVI)
    • Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices (GNDVI)
    • False Infrared
  • NED Elevation Data (the input elevation data is 9 meters)
    • Elevation (9-m)
    • Hillshade (1- and 9-m)
    • Slope (3- and 9-m)
    • Aspect (9-m)
    • Curvature (9-m)

Once payment is processed successfully, you will be directed to a purchase confirmation page where you can download and save your datasets (GIS Hero Download) directly to your hard drive, and an email with the download link will also be sent to your registered email address during checkout.

The maximum number of times that you can download the files is three (3), and the download link will expire in ten (10) days.

We plan to add the following datasets in the near future:

  • LiDAR 1 and 3-m elevation raster data where available.
  • FEMA floodplain data.
  • Soil Survey data.
  • Historical NAIP Imagery.

Yes, you may use the all downloads from for commercial or personal purposes.

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